I love Varanasi! says Babu

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Babu is a boatman in Varanasi since he was 13. He lives with his wife, daughter, sister and his wife's parents in 2 rooms. His father was a carpet maker and his grandfather was a fisherman. While he was still in school, Babu became a boatman. He wanted to help his family. But as a child he wanted to become a travel agent! He has many stories about Benares (Varanasi). There was a businessman who felt very alone after the death of his wife. He used to sit on the first floor of his house and spit on passers-by. Then he asked them inside to offer them tea and cookies while their clothes were being washed. That's how he got in touch with people. Babu has 3 sisters and has never left Varanasi, has never been anywhere else. Because says Babu: "I LOVE VARANASI!"

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Betawar Village, Varanasi, India

NamaSTAY Varanasi is an exclusive boutique hotel in Varanasi, just outside the city and close to the Ganges. Our boutique hotel in Varanasi has a pool and Gardens in 6 acres of land. 

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