The Namastay Family

At Namastay, our boutique hotel in Varanasi, we have one goal only and that is to make your stay a memorable one. Our hosts Sakchhi and Kuldeep, our cook Jyoti, our housekeeping Dananjay and Dillip and our farmers mr. and mrs. Sheetal.. we all work and live together as a family. Some of our family members come from nearby villages. We train them and teach them English. But most of all we provide them a safe place to learn and grow.  

Sakchhi - owner of the Cafe
Sakchhi is de owner of the populair Sparrow Cafe in Varanasi and the Sparrow Cafe at Namastay. Together with Kuldeep she also is the host in the hotel. Sakchhi loves to cook, knows each and every corner of Varanasi, is a great explorer and is very creative.
Kuldeep - owner/host
Kuldeep is the owner of Namastay. He did his MBA from Banaras Hindu University and fell in love with the city during his studies. He loves to interact with locals and enjoys having tea with them on the Ghats. He also is the owner of WOV tours, an experimential tour operator and the best person to make you fall in love with Varanasi.
Dananjay - head housekeeping
Dananjay is the head of housekeeping. He comes from one of the nearby villages and loves to take you there. He is always smiling and likes to dress well.
Jyoti - cook
Jyoti is our cook. She worked for Sparrow Cafe Varanasi for some years and like a new challenge. So she became the cook of the Sparrow Cafe at Namastay. She had a difficult start in life and she is a bit shy but she is a very happy girl.
Margaret - owner
Margaret is one of the owners of Namastay. She loves India and always had the dream to start a small hotel in India. She also is the owner of Namasté Reizen, a Travel Company in the Netherlands organising tailor made tours to Asia
Vishnu - yoga teacher
Vishnu is our very passionate yoga teacher. He is the owner of Vasistha Yoga in Varanasi.
Dillip - housekeeping
Dillip works in housekeeping. He lives in one of the nearby villages.
Mr. Sheetal - farmer
Mr. Sheetal lives at Namastay. He is always smiling and very curious. He takes care of the cows and vegetables.
Mrs. Sheetal
Mrs. Sheetal also lives at Namastay and is the wife of mr. Sheetal. She is very shy but likes it when you come to say hello.
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Betawar Village, Varanasi, India

NamaSTAY Varanasi is an exclusive boutique hotel in Varanasi, just outside the city and close to the Ganges. Our boutique hotel in Varanasi has a pool and Gardens in 6 acres of land. 

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